Family vacations in the greek mountains

Family vacations in the Greek mountains!

Vlasti is an ideal location for summer and winter vacations. In summer the temperatures are not too high, the area is not crowded and it’s perfect for activities like hiking and biking, or just take some time to relax in our large garden. 

In addition to the activities you can take a day trip to near destinations. Only 45′ minutes away you can visit the town of Kastoria with its famous lake. Among others you can make the round of the small peninsula, visit the Dragon Cave, the old neighbourhoods and enjoy your coffee at the lakeside.

Κτήμα Γιαννιώτη Βλάστη

Κτήμα Γιαννιώτη Βλάστη | Giannioti Estate 

Of course the highlight of our property is the large garden and the playground for the children. The parents can observe the kids playing from our cafe in the garden. If the weather is not so good the children can also play in the small playroom inside the building. The hotel has warm kitchen from 12:00 till 22:00, thus whenever our small friends are hungry they can always find something to eat. 


Παιδική χαρά Κτήμα Γιαννιώτη

Οικογενειακές διακοπές στη Βλάστη


Εσωτερικός παιδότοπος | Open playground

In our hotel you will find the ideal rooms for your stay. Among the 20 rooms we have  four spacious attic rooms and two family suites.


Οικογενειακή τετράκλινη σουίτα με πατάρι

Οικογενειακή τετράκλινη σουίτα με πατάρι | Family suite with loft